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The world of design is like a magical kingdom...
Filled with colour palettes, icons and more buzz words than you can shake a magical paint brush at.
Here's a few of our favourite tricks.

Logo Creation

How could we possibly put your brand purpose, your vision, your mission and your passions in to one simple logo?! It's called magic...and some skill (and some tweaks here and there)

Branding Guidelines

Once you have a brand you love, you'll want to share the love across as many online networks and brand collateral you can get your hands on! We just make sure it's all consistent (and looking pretty!)

Print Media

From flyers, brochures, business cards and catalogues, right through to packaging design and promotional products, it's no secret that print media gets your brand out to a wider audience.

Social Media Templates

Give your social media feeds that next level drop with a set of curated social media templates, across whatever platform you choose.

Branding Icons

Make your brand instantly recognisable, with a set of branding icons, perfectly matched to your logo and brand aesthetic. Nice!

Promotional Video

Turn your brand into a story and tell it to the world, with a range of commercial marketing video techniques and packages.

Frequently asked questions

You probably have some questions. Let us help!

Can't I just have a simple logo by itself?

The short answer: Yes. The designer answer: No.
We believe that your branding is SO much more than a simple logo. We're interested in your brand story, your brand purpose, your vision and your direction. While it would ambitious for us to say that we can create this for you within our branding packages, we believe you're only touching the surface by requesting a logo in itself. Let us let you express your business with a wider medium.

We want something that's not specifically included within your packages. What should we do?

The beautiful thing about design is that the world is our oyster! We love thinking outside the square and creating new and exciting project work for our clients. If it's fresh, chances are we want a part of it, so just ask!

I already have my logo but want to give it a refresh. Is this something you can do?

Absolutely! We love using the core elements of a businesses logo and turning it in to something that can stand the test of time...and the ever changing goal post of social media!

Is there a particular social media platform you suggest I focus my branding on?

This very much depends on what your core business offering is and what platforms you feel most comfortable using! There's no point setting you up with a Twitter account if you'll never use it! Contact us for a no-obligation discussion on what type of branding you would like for your business and how this can fit in to your chosen social media platform/s.

You say that you do 1-on-1 mentoring. How does this work?

Correct! The business world can be daunting, with lots of information from lots of different places. While branding is our main offering, we want to give new businesses the opportunity to find their feet and develop the foundation skills necessary to survive those first few years! There's no set package for this or particular product as it depends heavily on your field of expertise and where your passions lie. Get in touch or visit our online course platform to find out more.

We Don't Do Ordinary

But if you need some guidance on the types of packages we offer:

Branding Basics

Make your first impression count, with a branding suite to match your service needs.

Primary Logo
2x Logo Concepts
3x Amendments
Set of Brand Marks
Typography Styling
Branding Colour Scheme
Brand Guidelines
Final Logo Files
Get Started
Social Media Finesse

Level-up your social media game with curated feeds and post templates.

Social Media Branding Guidelines
5 x Post Templates
4 x Story Templates
7 day Content Plan
Get Started
Brand Growth Strategy

The ultimate branding suite to get your business ready for action and social media platforms on point!

Branding Basics package
Social Media Branding Guidelines
10 x Post Templates
8 x Story Templates
14 day Content Plan
Business Cards
Brand Pattern
Brand Packaging
Website Banner and Graphics
Custom Illustrations
Get Started

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