Why You Always Have Enough Time (for the things you make time for)

September 11, 2021
Why You Always Have Enough Time (for the things you make time for)
As written by our Founder, Rachel.

I decided to run an experiment. To count how many times I caught myself saying I "didn't have time" for something, versus all of the other activities or 'things' I did, for a whole month.

The results? Not surprising, really. But it did teach me an interesting lesson.

There's always time.

No, I didn't have time to see the friend who only messages me to see what I'm up to when she's broken up with yet *another* boyfriend, or to finally create my dream Etsy store and start earning buckets of cash (it's coming, truly...). Or to finally learn how to manifest my dream life...

But that friend who was in town for just a few hours and wanted to see me? I had time for that. Or the assignment that I didn't realise was due? I made time for that. Or to actually kick-start my gym routine. I (reluctantly) made time for that.

This probably seems so self-explanatory that you've somewhat tuned out (bare with me). That's because it is. We need to rephrase our believe that we 'don't have time for' the various things, activities and people that make up our lives, and instead, understand and appreciate it's more a case of it not being a priority for you, at this point in time.

Is that a priority to me, or do I just not have enough time?

"I'm sorry, that's not a priority in my schedule so I won't be able to make that meeting/event/activity."

So how do we decide what we DO have time for vs what we don't?

For new businesses, this process is relatively simply.

Start by writing all of the activities that you need to complete in a day. Book that flight (is that still a thing in 2020/21?), schedule that meeting, draft that report, post that social media story. The list can seem endless.

Now, start splitting each of those tasks in to four different categories:

Things I enjoy doing and I'm good at
Things I enjoy doing but I'm not good at
Things I don't enjoy doing but I'm good at
Things I don't enjoy doing and I'm not good at

Naturally, look at outsourcing or getting rid of those activities that you're neither good at, nor you enjoy. Why waste your time on those? Similarly, why spend your time on things you don't enjoy, even if you are good at doing them?

Where things get tricky is those activities that you enjoy doing but you're not good at. For me, personally, I love making stop motion videos. But I'm not good at them (yet - I reserve the right to change this status in the future once I've undertaken more practice). While the thought of creating these excites me, each one can take hours on end, whereas someone who specialises in them can often complete them in a fraction of the time. While it's an enjoyable activity for me, it's really not a useful way to spend my time; time that we know is in short supply.

Instead, focus all of your attention on those activities that you, both, enjoy doing and are good at. You'll achieve more of your to-do list and have 'the time' to prioritise other things that are important to you.

Whilst filtering out the things that aren't.

There's always enough time. It's just about figuring out how to spend it.

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