5 Instagram Experiments You Need To Try Now

September 11, 2021
5 Instagram Experiments You Need To Try Now

It's true: Instagram often feels like that one friend that's just perpetually unavailable. The ever-illusive algorithm seems to shift it's direction more often than a McDonald's soft-serve machine is out of order, and just when you think you've got a hold of it...a new update comes out and you're back to square one.

Or what if you've never really found your groove and you're just constantly putting out content in the hopes that something sparks that insta-fame flame.

While creating a content plan and marketing strategy for Instagram is quite the task in itself, there are some mini experiments you can conduct in order to test where you should concentrate your efforts.

5 Instagram Experiments You Should Try Now To Master Your Instagram

When we think about the Instagram algorithm, we often think of it as one over-arching entity. The truth is, there's multiple algorithms all acting in sync with one another at any given time. Sorry. Therefore, it may take some time finding a content strategy that works best for you and your business offering.

Try Some New Colours
An example of a rainbow feed

We love a good colour shakeup. Why not test the waters in broadening your brand colour palette and bringing some new colours to your feed. Try a different filter or find some bright, eye-catching imagery to brighten your feed.

Refresh Your Hashtags

Ah hashtags. How fun.

Use this opportunity to really explore your use of hashtags and how they effect your audience reach. Why not create your own specialised hashtag to start using across your posts, or try out new hashtags and see their impact. You can always search for a particular hashtag within Instagram first to see the types of content that come with it and how your post/s may fare in comparison.

Change Your Posting Schedule

While you may only have 5 minutes in your day to quickly put up a post, setting a schedule for your posts can actually have a very positive effect! Naturally, we want to post at a time when our followers are most active. But how do we truly know when that is? Largely, by trial and error. Start by posting consistently at one set time a day. Periodically change that time and see whether your engagement got better or worse. You may end up finding that sweet spot of posting gold!

Interact With Your Audience Before/After Posting

Instagram thrives on engagement, so it's no surprise that interacting with your audience (and potential audience) is vitally important. By interacting with your audience (whether it be through 'likes', meaningful comments or answering questions within stories) before and/or after you post your own content, chances are high that same audience will see your shiny new content also! The circle of Instagram life!

Try A Completely New Content Style
Get interactive!

You might already have a content format that's been working well for you, and that's awesome! Why not branch out even further and try something you wouldn't normally do! For example, you could try polls in Instagram stories, or go live with a mini tutorial! Your existing followers may love the change, and you may even find a completely new audience!

Putting It All Together

Making tiny changes on your social feeds may not feel like a lot at the time, but it does make a difference. Everyone's feed, audience and content types are different (thankfully!) - that's what makes Instagram so awesome! So take advantage of your creativity and try something new. If it's not working, try something else! Keep trying until you find something that works and you have yourself your own tested Instagram algorithm!

  • Try a new colour scheme
  • Refresh your hashtags
  • Change your posting schedule
  • Interact with your audience pre/post content posting
  • Try a completely new content style

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