Stop Thinking With A Hustle Mindset

March 4, 2022
Stop Thinking With A Hustle Mindset

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new business or a current entrepreneur, there’s a certain pressure to find your ‘hustle’, whether it be through multiple income streams, coaching services or social media finesse.


To understand why we need to stop thinking with a hustle mindset, we first need to understand the hustle mentality in a little more detail. Simply, it’s a commitment to yourself, or to a cause or action, to excel and get ahead, no matter what. It’s that drive and determination to never give up, never take no for an answer. It’s about creativity and thinking outside the box of normal business acumen.

Business hustlers don’t necessarily do it all alone. They know how to work the system, using innovation and resourcefulness to ensure tasks are completed quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of resources. Working smarter not harder. ROI should be through the roof.

Business hustlers are adaptable. When something doesn’t work out the way they think it will, or play out the way they imagined, they find 101 new, creative ways to ensure it’s ultimately a success.

This in theory sounds like the perfect mentality to go in to business with. Why on earth would there be the suggestion to stop?

The hustle mentality very much feeds off the never-ending grind. The thought that maximum productivity is valued above all else, even if that means working 60+ hours a week. If you’re not putting in the hours, why would you be successful?

Hustle culture creates a pressure to do more, achieve more, create more, spend more, save more, talk more, hustle more. It encourages the idolization of productivity = workaholism. The idea that the more you work, the more you’ll achieve your goals. But also feeding the idea that your goals are never truly good enough and can always be made better.

What about the hustle culture amongst a group of employees? While competition amongst the workplace is somewhat of a natural occurrence, to constantly feel as if you need to hustle for every promotion or opportunity is exhausting. Increased workload and the expectation to always do better will inevitably lead to burnout.

So how do we achieve our goals without the hustle?

Old habits die hard. Unlearning the hustle mentality will take some time, the first step of which comes with setting boundaries.

  • Set Boundaries

Set yourself time limits, both for tasks and your working day. The Pomodoro Technique is a method for implementing effective time management through the use of 25 minutes pomodoros, encouraging work blocks of smaller time yet more effective, with little distractions. While some could argue this still encourages the ‘work smarter not harder’ mentality, it comes with one significant difference. After you’ve completed each pomodoro, you take a break. You switch off. Get up. Take a walk. Clear your heard. Then come back refreshed. And when your day is done, and I’m talking a reasonable work day not these 6am to 10pm scenarios, you switch off completely.

  • Learn To Say No

Learn to say no. Learn how to say yes to the tasks you have to do and filter out that tasks you think you have to do. Not everything is your problem.

  • Find Time To Enjoy The Things You Enjoy Doing

While very similar to point one, ensuring you find time to enjoy the things you enjoy doing is an important part of mastering the non-hustle lifestyle. Where things become difficult is when you genuinely like spending time on all of your side-businesses, hobbies or passion projects. How do you draw the line? The answer is relatively simple. Which do you enjoy the most? Which would you spend the most time on, if money or earnings weren’t a factor? Where do your passions truly lie?

Hustle culture sets up unsustainable expectations, encouraging unhealthy habits and ultimately leading to mental exhaustion.

Instead of referring to it as ‘the hustle’ it should simply be our motivation. What are we hoping to achieve? What are our goals, values, desires and dreams. Where do we see ourselves in 3 months, 12 months, 5 years, 10 years? How can we take small, actionable steps to achieving our goals, whilst still enjoying a normal, healthy work-life balance. How do we learn to relax?

In a world that is inundated with distractions, busy-ness and addiction to hustling, there is merit in taking a step back and looking at the big picture. - Celinne Da Costa, Forbes

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